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Your pistol/ rifle sights are perfectly silhouetted against the illuminated hit zone, promoting greater accuracy. With such a visible target, you can extend your shooting until dusk or even night time, if safe to do so.


The hit detected colour change can be seen from a long long way away, so the target is great for long distance practice.


Conventional steel target hit zones require regular repainting to be be visible.. A Reflex Target's HIT zone never needs paint to be visible is illuminated.


Reflex Targets electronically monitor the HIT zone detecting pellet strikes from all airguns... from low powered pistols to FAC Airguns.


Conventional steel knockdown targets can be airgun power fussy. Either too little or too much power incorrectly operates the mechanism.


Not so, with a Reflex Target... A Reflex Target always reacts when hit!

Pellet Energy




The Scout series targets are programmed with 2 distinct modes:


1) Target Mode. The target is constantly illuminated and will react to a hit by changing colour and playing a tune! No reset required. A great training aid to increase your shooting skills.  Great fun and maintains interest of both young and old !



2) Hunter Mode. The target behaves like a wild animal ! Randomly appearing and disappearing for an unknown duration just as happens in nature.


In the real world, few targets sit still for very long. The shot needs to be taken quickly, however, there also needs to be accurate shot placement on the quarry. It is with this stressed situation the unique Reflex Target can help.   The unpredictable nature of the target focuses and trains the mind, sharpening reflexes... so you can guarantee a clean hit when it really matters!

Our electronic illuminated targets can create an exciting and fairer HFT course !


With no moving mechanical parts to break...  our targets reliability is unbeatable!


Hits are registered electonically irrespective of the projectiles energy, from 1 Ft/Lb all the way up.  Eliminating "False hit" calls !!


Add a new challenge to HFT courses with the Hunter Mode. The "wild" random behaviour of the target creates an exciting new realistic dimension.

Our target remains visible for all competitors. Conventional painted targets become less clear when badly shot up, significantly disadvantaging competitors later on.

Our electronic illuminated targets maintain the exact same level of clarity from begining to end!

HFT and Competition

Multi Mode !!



Our Illuminated electronic targets are unique !  They are unlike any other targets available and have many exciting advatages.

Unique !!


Our Illuminated electronic targets are designed for British weather !

Bright even in strong direct sunlight. Loud enough in a gale. Showerproof for  outdoor life !


Rain or Shine

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